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Understanding how ordinary people have changed there lives by building businesses from a passion, hobby, life sea change, physical problems, or identified a business niche gap in the market  lets us see there business development journey and how they followed there plan what steps did they take to accomplish there business goals. Many people have a great idea but they do not know where to begin or how to effectively build a platform for their product and communicate there product benefit to a wide audience.

By watching and asking other solopreneurs how they accomplished their goals can fast track almost every aspect of building a successful business by using an online presence and a physical presence. Most solopreneurs love to share their story so grab a Tea and listen to their story from nothing to something real special. 

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When people have their backs to the wall they dig deep and find that inner strength they focus on a passion or a difficulty in life with wisdom or experience and they use it to their advantage these are entrepreneurial skills that they didn't even know they had but because of the sudden situation they have found a way to find the light and focus on their idea.

Everyone has these skills they just need to be recognised and developed by surrounding yourself with similar focused people you can achieve a dream or idea your focus will become laser beam and you will never look back with regret.

Essential reading of other entrepreneurs journeys give you focus on the important ideas and what it takes to get the job done. Determining your strength and weakness you can see how other entrepreneurs tackled the same problems as yourself. Many business people have talent in some disciplines but lack the same talent in others and that's what needs to be identified and corrected very quickly before large sums of money are lost.

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