Entrepreneur test

Entrepreneur ideas testing the way you ....think!

Understanding how you react to certain situations helps you to build on your strengths and weaknesses you know there are things you react to positively and negatively but you do not know why?.

Have you ever thought to yourself after a moment has happened hey! I didn't think a would react that way what happened? We'll welcome because most of us have had that same feeling this outcome can be caused by many factors such as stress, relationships, tiredness, motivation, physical limits, depression, anxiety, phobia etc.

People who move toward their goals, once they spend a few days doing the value elicitation exercise will find that they have a complete picture of what’s important to them. However, people who move away from things might not be as satisfied with the results because they may have negative values such as avoiding failure or rejection or abandonment.

As a result, we have the following test to try and help you out.

Before reading any further, take the test (there are only 4 questions), and write down the answers that come to you first.

1. What are three things you look for when you buy a car?

  1. ________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________

2. Why do you want your three most important goals in life?

  1. ________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________

3. Are you more likely to move toward what you want or away from what you don’t want?


4. If you were to buy a dog, what three qualities would you look for?

  1. ________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________

To evaluate this test, notice whether your responses tended to be positive or negative. For positive values put a plus sign in the space next to your answers. For negative values put a minus sign in the space next you your answer. The illustrations below will help you decide whether your answer is positive or negative.

For example, for question 1:

  • “I wanted a car that wasn’t in the shop all the time like my last clunker.” This is a negative response. If your reason sounds like that, put a negative sign by it.

  •  “I really liked the design of the car.” This is a positive response; put a positive sign by it.

For question 2:

  • “I want to be a successful person so I don’t have a stupid boss breathing down my back.” This is a negative response because the motivation is to get away from your boss. Put a negative sign by any like this.
  • “I want the freedom to have my own hours, do what I want, and make unlimited income.” This is a move toward goal so put a plus sign by it.

For question 3:

If you answered "move toward," put a plus sign by it. If you answered "move away from", put a minus sign by it.

For question 4 notice whether you are looking for positive or negative qualities:

  •  "I want a dog that doesn’t shed." This is avoiding something so put down a negative sign.

  • "I want a dog that’s really loyal and smart." This is a positive quality, so put a plus sign by your answer.

Now add up your plus and minus signs.  If you have six or more plus signs, then you tend to be a "move toward" person. If you have six or more minus signs, then you tend to be a "move away from" person.  If you are a "move toward" person, then the value elicitation exercise in the course will have the most value for you. And I’m assuming that most entrepreneurs are "move toward" people. On the other hand, if you are a "move away from" person, then looking at what values you most want to avoid may have great benefit for you. If that’s you, then instead of listing all the positive things you want, list all the things you most want.

In addition, you may want to explore why you are a “move away from” person. Changing that could have a major effect on your success. But that’s the topic of another article.