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Entrepreneur ideas for creative niches businesses

Understanding the concept of creative niches is not easily done many times the perfect concept seems the ultimate business model but until all aspects are researched and evidence emerges of this concept being do' able and in demand in the market place it is still an idea or concept.

Having the vision to see the concept and the big picture globally helps people grasping the early seeds bring growth and demand for the initial concept this is where a thorough brainstorming and a fact driven business plan needs to done to gather the all facts for potential capital investment to begin either by self funding or venture capitalist, crowdsourcing. 

Determining exact customer demand and growth and market capitalization are all aspects that need to be considered first

  • How many employees will we need.
  • Where will our offices and Warehouses be located for logistics.
  • Can our creative people collaborate their ideas and communicate together.
  • Who are our competitors
  • Can our niche in the market be stolen by our competitors.
  • How long will it take before our cash flow reaches levels needed to pay down any debt. 
  • Do we have sufficient stock of product inventory if we run a marketing campaign and sales exceed or expectation.
  • Is our market timing correct is the market ready or accepting our new product or service in the current economic conditions.
  • Will our product or service be subject to new or stricter government regulations.
  • Can we form a relationship or contract with another company to deliver our products or services.

These are just some of the hurdles all entrepreneurs will face in large and small businesses knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you in understanding how you need to focus upon yourself and your creative thinking by gaining expertise from others if they have talent in a particular field or subject.

Recognising talent in other people is a primary and necessary instinct of a entrepreneur by forging relationships between gifted and creative people you could find your sole job could be to steer the ship in the right direction and make sure you keep everyone involved working with you like a tight knit family group. Often very creative and clever people have a strong mind and can be a bit eccentric but by finding common ground while you are bringing out the best in them takes effort and patience.

Understanding a persons talents and how you will stimulate them takes expertise and knowledge of a persons mind and how it functions and what stimulates them do they perform better under pressure or do they need a lot of help with that. Can they make good decisive decisions or they need help understanding their emotions under these conditions can tell you a lot about the persons mind and thinking patterns.

I have meet very smart people who have a fantastic niche concept and idea but when I've have asked them to put it onto paper and write it down like a plan there very confused and have replied "No I it's to hard". So another skill an entrepreneur should master is being able to take a very hard and complex or technical subject or product, service and break it down into simple blocks so everyone can understand what needs to be done and what is currently happening. 

Being able to achieve simplicity in a complex world, technical field or a business is a skill many entrepreneurs aspire too this gives them the tools to think big and have the vision as they understand the concept and have already broken it down into simple building blocks. Some entrepreneurs will face hostile investors and also employees telling them their "nuts and it will never work" but a true entrepreneur has already simplified the concept and broken it down into separate blocks,  he or she knows the people and expertise he needs to achieve each building block in the company.

Some entrepreneurs have a true gift of finding success where there is an overwhelming ocean of negativity and lack of vision and even hostility toward their vision, facts and ideas. The true gifted entrepreneurs knows where to look they will ignore the negativity and quietly do their research and due diligence they will lift up the carpet and instantly see the big lump while everyone else just walks past ignoring the lump.

They will recognise the potential and opportunity they do not just follow the general crowd they are different they know that every kind of current negative force has an equal and opposite apposing force. Sometimes the opposing force can be three times the strength of the current negative force.

This can be found everywhere in human nature we find some people think a certain way and then some think the opposite many people have a preconceived idea about the world from family influences or their education but never question WHY? they simply find it to hard to question things and find out the real truth.

Entrepreneurs enjoy digging deep they will spend more man hours and money to find the real truth and the correct answers "this is the natural adrenalin" they will not settle for could be or maybe they require good solid hard evidence and facts they will gather all the facts in front of them to make a good honest true decision even if this means altering or changing the business plan at any stage sometimes half way through it does not phase them.

The skills and characteristics described can be enhanced by training and self discipline understanding your own mind is the key to happiness and creativity is not something you are either born...with or ...not born with,  it's in every person it is there but it just needs to be brought out or realised by the person that it actually exists in their mind.

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