Roofing Structure

The external roofing structure is one of the most important parts of any building structure correct materials and water runoff are important factors as well as climate and temperature constraints all factors that have to be considered before installation. Maintenance and durability are also factors of these structures for existing installations having periodic checks can save considerable costs at a later date and preempt any serious damage.

Galvanized sheets offer low cost effective thermal solutions for large area structures they require periodic maintenance and once rust areas appears they need to be dealt with promptly.

Tiles offers pleasing aesthetics for structures and should be complimenting to the exterior cladding and renders there are many companies offering different styles and types of tiles.

Capping tiles are an important part of any tiled roof they require periodic attention, particularly the crumbling tuck pointing this tends to degrade over time creating large gaps between the capping tile and roof tile this can lead to internal water damage and birds or possums entering your roof space and causing further damage.


Tile damage needs to be fixed promptly as water and bird life can enter the ceiling space and cause considerable damage. The tuck pointing breaking away can fill gutters with debris and block down pipe drains.  

Guttering needs to be periodically checked for debris and build up of dirt and tuck pointing debris many gutters become blocked where tall trees exist around the building property.

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