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Small business institute developing micro enterprises

Using the Solo Build It platform to developing a niche orientated small businesses with ecommerce development resources at your finger tips with specific LOCAL...programs! to enhance local business development goals like

  • Women in Business
  • Webinars
  • Networking
  • Business Help / Rent a board
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Business Development Program

Small business Institute of Melbourne (SBIM) focuses on these important aspects that save you time and money by developing best practice procedures. By understanding your business using the Solo Build it Niche Action Plan  by blending these two entity combinations the business plan for bricks and mortar and full ecommerce start up become reality with good outcomes this is important for your own satisfaction and business development you are networking with similar type focused people.

Being able to get good results from business building resources is a must for a good business plan and saving you money while building your niche. Many business owners I have dealt with and worked with for some reason? do not have a business plan and no ecommerce plan at all they only react to when the problem is in front of them and they are faced with an urgent issue or problem that needs to be fixed instantly (Under major stress).

By not having a good business plan leaves you on the back foot and you are not prepared for what could and probably will happen. By focusing on the most important aspects of your niche business it doesn't take long to write down a good logical business plan with most business contingencies covered.

Understanding the constant changes and regulations with business are time consuming and need to be streamlined we need to build our businesses but these incorporate Tax obligations, Government regulations, consumer laws, stakeholder obligations, employee obligations, Quality Assurance practices, Business development, Marketing,  E commerce, Business Information systems, Accounting systems, Product development, payroll, Outsourcing contractors. 

All of the most important skills and tasks are required for a successful business niche constantly fine tuning these tasks with a good business plan can produce outstanding results and increase company profits to all stakeholders. 

interview-anthony-turner-assisting-small-business (1) from Steven Gary on Vimeo.

Small business Institute Melbourne (TSBIM) Memberships are NOW FREE and here’s what’s included… below if you are starting a business then use these resources below with the Site Sell Solo Build It ecommerce platform and order form on this site they compliment each other for true ecommerce with bricks and mortar business functionality. By engaging online and off line customers you build a very powerful business concept and model.

  1. Access to the FULL TSBIM Member Resource Library of quality tools and templates, videos AND podcasts
  2. Up to 50% Discount off ALL TSBIM training, networking and expo events
  3. FREE access to the FULL Audio Library of Interviews with successful people at AND Tim Reid of Small Business BIG Marketing
  4. A Premium listing on the TSBIM Business Directory (your own advertising page so you can promote YOUR business to the full TSBIM Membership)
  5. Preferential access to the TSBIM ‘Rent a Board’ Program where you can work with a panel of business experts on a scheduled basis similar to a Board of Directors
  6. FREE 12 month access to the online magazine Inside Small Business (TSBIM’s Media Partner) 

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