Landscaping your outdoor area

Landscaping parts of your property has the potential to create a special outdoor entertaining area or relaxing space and with some clever design and extensive thought you can produce excellent results depending on the orientation of the area's  by using warm and appealing materials for these area's and clever landscaping you can transform the space into something really special.

Many outdoor area's suffer from poor planning and tight costing constraints they tend to be left last in the build process and when the money has run out! mainly from over runs in other area's of the build they are left out. If the landscaping is designed and costed into the project very early then other parts of the building can flow into these outdoor area's and compliment each other.

Simple Knotwood slat walls to block out unwanted views are a very cost effective way of creating private spaces Knotwood is basically the same price as timber but its aluminium so no maintenance ever. All screws are hidden in the channel and a cover plate slides over the top so you never see them.

Paving stones or tiles for your outdoor area are a very cost effective way to enhance a outdoor BBQ alfresco area with warm colors and nice lines many area's can be transformed into a functional and appealing area.

Slate paving can produce a warm and natural feel for a driveway or outdoor area the different texture of each piece makes them unique for different area's of the home.

Aspen cappuccino pavers have an earthy warm feel these designs are based on the old bluestone cobbled laneways of London and Sydney city lanes.

We have many suppliers with outstanding products from remote controlled fold out awning umbrellas to motorised folding vergolas giving shade in the summer and shelter in the winter we develop this concept with you in the early stages with complete year round season practicality.

Many out door area's suffer from incorrect fencing,  blocking out and installing the appropriate privacy screens to enhance an area and give it a private or pleasing feel.

Get materials and design ideas

Landscaping Ideas

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