Fix Sell Pay present your home, property the right way from the Get..Go 

Our Fix Sell Pay service can present your property the right way the first time to the market and potential buyer. All homes and properties be they residential or commercial have items or aspects that need to be fixed and presented in the correct way for a good potential sale. With a Fix Sell Pay written report and projected cost analysis we can improve your properties outcomes be it commercial or residential.

By carefully planning a home or property sale to the market bad mistakes and poor outcomes can be avoided,  many potential sellers rush to put their property on the market early only to end up disappointed with very bad outcomes. In a competitive market careful planning of repairs upgrades to attract the correct potential buyers requires good timing and detailed planning for great results.

Understanding what your home needs completed as in existing fixed or slight improvements to gain a good pricing advantage in a competitive market can surprise even the most astute buyer and seller to gain an advantage over other properties. Developing a pricing range on repairs and projected costings with a detailed scope of works and pricing to gain an advantage on other similar homes in the market.

All aspects of the home and condition need to be taken into account and by then focusing on the important presentation and functionality aspects a scope of works can be produced with accurate pricing to enhance the properties potential.

All homes and properties are different but require attention to different aspects of the home or property to gain an advantage to other market participants with prompt action and focused effort a neglected home can become a star attraction in the market place. 

By delivering natural clean neutral colours and interesting surfaces potential buyers are keen to look further and list all the good features they like in the home. Fixing problems in the home before placing the property on the market helps the potential buyer understand that there allocated budget will give them the correct outcomes for whatever they decide to do with the home.

Your homes weakness is only temporary and can be fixed quickly with a detailed report and costings the full potential can be achieved don't let the full potential of your property fall with careful consideration overdeliver to your target market and potential buyers will be attracted to your property. 

Many rooms can be brought to life with cladding of various types timber, tiling, plaster these features can change the whole aesthetics of a room be it small or large these rooms have often been neglected and need an important face lift before putting the property to market. 

Not all homes and properties are the same some have unique features and some have character, charm, modern features, climate aspects, living features, etc so no home is the same understanding what features will attract targeted customers matters and helps with every aspect of selling your home. Get a FULL Report  10% Discount

Every buyer has a particular look and feel that they expect from there new potential home or property. Astute buyers have done there homework and no what and where they want to by and for what particular reason. A well presented home property will catch there eye and be registered in there top ten or five short list.

Melbourne Metro Area only 

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