Business Analytics 

Business Analytics 13 things to know

Understanding your business analytics traffic with specific tools to helping you target the right customer and products niche is a must in building any business platform developing products from customer demand and interests give your business an advantage. 

Developing Analytic goals to target products and services to the right local demographic is important to the survival of a good business model understanding your customers base and likes targets your products and services with pin point accuracy.

Overall Site Traffic

This is the report that's going to give you the earliest indication that something is either going really well or really poorly, so get into the habit of checking once a day normally (more often if something interesting is going on).

You can look at yesterday's traffic overall, as well as so far today. If you tend to always check around the same time of day, you'll begin to get a sense for how much traffic your site normally has by a certain time, and be even more acutely aware if something is outside the norm.

For instance, take a quick glance at my traffic stats early every morning as part of my routine. I quickly see how yesterday finished up and how the morning so far is going. 

When you first load Google Analytics, the default report is always Audience Overview for the past 30 days, ending yesterday.

Check the slide show below for screen shots on all the 13 things to know. Understanding your business analytics are important they will improve your business goals and tell you when things are wrong and whats not working.

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