Bathroom best concept and planning

Well planned functionality with superb material selections makes a bathroom an inspiring area with the right lighting ambience it can be a tranquil place with relaxing gentle textures to sooth the mind and body. With well planned cavity spaces for all those soaps and wash liquids they wont look out of place then comprise some excellent quality fittings with functionality and things will take shape.

Textures in the bathroom are the most important they must compliment each other and be smooth and water resistant some with a sealer needed to give long lasting value. Materials such as Quartz, Marble, Granite, Glass offer superb value all round long lasting and superior wear and moisture resistant characteristics for this application.

Smooth surfaces offer easier cleaning and look aesthetically pleasing to the eye as uneven surfaces can trap moisture creating problems over time. Bevelled glass offers clean straight lines with excellent moisture and resistance and easy cleaning and is relatively well priced for this application.

A Bathroom with neutral colours are an important aspect good light ambience and shiny surfaces projecting a prestigious look and a warm uplifting feeling.

Bathrooms are sometimes not taken seriously by all the home owners this can cause problems and stress. The design and layout play a strategic part in the project and all owners must understand and interpret the project concept before sourcing materials in the final design. 

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