Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom ideas and resources

Ideas for bathrooms are vast and extensive many factors play an important role design, budget, location, finish, functionality, usage, special needs the list can be large. Narrowing down and finding what is important to your bathroom concept saves you time and money by listing the critical factors and the required finish you can easily narrow down what is needed and find where to get it. With the vast array of materials available from different suppliers you can find the look and feel you are after. 

Planning your layout and usage are critical factors understanding how the particular bathroom items will fit into your required space helps to give the bathroom the functionality you and the other members of the household will require. Determining each specific purpose is essential to a good functional bathroom within a specific budget. Please watch the video below to get some ideas on what your project outcome requires!

Many materials involved with the design and functionality of a bathroom idea need to be considered does this bathroom serve for a high traffic volume of people or is it randomly used many factors need to be considered before the construction phase begins.

Considering the materials to be used each item must be broken down and evaluated for its

  1. Looks and Finish
  2. Functionality
  3. Availability
  4. Application characteristics
  5. life cycle
  6. Maintenance
  7. Costing

These above are just some of the major items that need to be evaluated Quantum Quartz offers some considerable cost savings to marble while still giving a very prestigious look and feel. The range is quite extensive and readily available please note the lighting contrast in these photos is not exact and proper real samples must be obtained.

Boutique Range

Quartz Ultra White

Quartz Metallic Grey

Quartz Venetian Night

Quartz Venetian Day

Quartz Pearly Shores

Quartz Metallic Black

Quantum Marble Range

Marble Arabescato

Napoleon Brown

Botticino Precast


  • Man Made Surface
  • Stain, scratch, Heat, Acid, Impact resistant.
  • Non porous surface
  • Does not need to be sealed
  • Low Maintenance


  • It's look is slightly different.