Affiliate disclosure

ES Developments uses certain products to refine build and operate an active and independent business web site as we use certain online platforms and software to create online content and administer information for our viewers we only endorse products that we use.

We have product reviews on this website relating to business building products and education that we actively use and that help us to deliver content relating to these activities and information for creating specialized company products, services relating to ventures and niche development of company products.

ES Developments uses the Solo Build It,  Site builder platform we do receive small commissions from Site Sell for new customers that sign up from this site using the order link. We endorse and have used this product for many years so we know it works and for many different size businesses from all different types and disciplines it has great scalability and can be scaled up or down depending on the business type and needs.

On this site there are small links to certain products Accounting, CRM cloud based that are listed and linked through the CJ affiliate network which we do receive a very small commission for each sale.